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Faith Tour Bedford

Children visited a Church, Gurdwara and Mosque

Queen’s Park in Bedford is rich in both culture and religion, with Christians, Muslims, Sikhs (and others of all faiths and none) living together in harmony. Our three main faith communities have places of worship within three hundred metres of each other, and faith leaders have developed a ‘Faith Tour’ for schools and other organisations.

The children experienced a wonderful visit to the Church, Gurdwara and Mosque. This provided a great learning opportunity. The children toured the buildings and developed an understanding of other faiths.

Comments from the children who attended, Emma “The Gudwara had lovely decorations” Izabella “I liked the church. All the candles looked nice.” Harley “in the church I liked the stain glass window, the pictures were nice and I liked the effect.” Finley “I liked the way they pray in the mosque.”