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The Anglo Saxons

Hitchin Museum visited Owl Class

Owl Class took part in an afternoon of exciting learning with a Saxon Workshop by Cas from Hitchin Museum. The children had the opportunity to handle real artefacts and experience life in Anglo-Saxon times.
'I found out that the clothing from a Saxon grave perished because the material rotted in the soil.' - Richard
‘I learnt that Anglo Saxons had similar things to Vikings.' - Jake
'I enjoyed looking at the things from the Anglo Saxon grave. My favourite thing was the sword.' - Erin
'I liked it when we ground peas into flour.' - Kian
'I dressed up as an Anglo Saxon man.' - Jayden
'I tried on the Anglo Saxon helmet. It felt like ten thousand tins on my head.' - Nafisa
'When we held the sword out straight it was so heavy that it made your whole body wobble.' - Isabella
'I dressed up as an Anglo Saxon lady. The clothes were very woolly and itchy.' - Izabella
'The helmet and the sword were very heavy.' - Wissal