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Caythorpe Court 2018

Residential trip with Harlington and Chalton Lower Schools

Last week children from Harlington, Sundon and Chalton Lower schools went on a residential educational visit
for four days to a PGL site at Caythorpe Court in Lincolnshire. The children and adults participated in a
wide range of outdoor activities. The day time activities included air rifle shooting, climbing, archery,
abseiling, zip wire, giant swing, orienteering, challenge assault courses and all aboard.  The night time
activities included ambush, campfire and all around the world.  All activities required the children to
develop their team building skills, physical stamina and values.
'The giant swing was amazing and it made my tummy hurt.' Jayden
'I climbed all the way to the top and rang the bell.' Ethan
'I got up the courage to gently lift the rope to abseil down the tower.' Harley
'The zip wire was really long and high.' Oliver
'I used my strength to balance on the beams and get over the walls on the challenge course.' Catherine
'I really enjoyed firing pellets through the air rifle and shooting at the targets.' Teagan
'The zip wire was brilliant even though it feels scary when you first step off the platform. ' Rhea
'Once I worked out my technique I could easily get over the platforms on all aboard.' Izabella
'The zip wire was really scary at first. I'm so glad I got the courage to have a go as it was brilliant!' Jake
'The air rifle shooting was great and you had to line it up carefully to hit the target in the centre to score
ten points.' Ikenna
'I loved the archery where I needed to slowly pull back the bow and aim for the middle to score a ten.' Lui
'The giant swing was a bit scary at first and it made my insides go wobbly.' Richard