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Duxford Museum

Owl class trip

On Tuesday Owl Class had an amazing day at IWM Duxford learning about WW1. They looked at an array of machinery, weapons and early aircraft from this period in history. Our guide was very impressed at the children's prior knowledge of WW1, their ability to learn new facts and questioning skills to extend their learning. He praised the children's excellent behaviour and manners throughout the day.

The children commented on their learning experience:

Serena: 'In the Land Warfare Hall I felt like I was really in the battlefield of WW1.'

Kian: 'The WW1 battle guns looked just like the photos we have seen in class.'

Jonathan: 'I didn't realise that the WW1 field guns were so big.'

Filip: 'I was fascinated how the wings of bi-planes were made.'

Aayush: 'Jeremy was a really nice guide who shared his knowledge of WW1 with us.'

Ikobi: 'I learnt that they had rail tracks to take all the equipment up to the trenches.'

Isabella: 'I liked looking at all the old bi-planes.'