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Caythorpe Court 2019

Residential trip with Harlington and Chalton lower schools

On the 19th March, 12 children from Year 4, Mrs Spedding and Mrs Blythe went on a residential educational visit for 3 nights. Blessed with beautiful weather, we visited the PGL site at Caythorpe Court in Lincolnshire. The children and adults were extremely busy, from the moment they got up to the time they went to bed, participating in a wide range of outdoor pursuit activities. During the day the activities included Jacob’s ladder, vertical challenge, archery, zip wire, giant swing and quad biking, all aboard, climbing wall, sensory trial and aero ball. At night, after a delicious meal, we took part in an activity. On the first night we went down to the camp fire where we listened to stories, sang songs and had a great time. On the second night we played ‘All Around the World’. Children were given maps of the grounds and had to go out in groups to find country flags and answer questions. On the final night, we had a game of ambush. We split up into 2 teams and had to find each other – a great game. All activities required the children to develop their team building skills, physical stamina and values. The children embraced every challenge head on, showing great fortitude and resilience. They were amazing ambassadors for Sundon Lower School, even having teachers from other schools commenting on their manners and values. Mrs Blythe and Mrs Spedding would like the children to know what a pleasure it was taking them away and spending time with them. Comments from the children: Erin: I persevered and got to the top of the wall to ring the bell. Lewis: It was very exciting trying all the difficult activities. Jiraiya: It was magnificent and all the activities were exciting. Aayush: The giant swing was the best; it was an amazing feeling when you were swinging fast. Connor: The rock climbing was really tricky. Josiah: The quad bikes were really enjoyable. Sophia: The giant swing and the food was my favourite. Isabella: I loved every bit of Caythorpe. The food was delicious. It was incredible. Serena: The giant swing and the vertical challenge were amazingly high. Filip: The zip wire was the most exciting for me as you could dangle in the air. Nafisa: Jacob’s ladder was one of my favourite things. Jonathan: I loved the adventurous activities at Caythorpe. Owl children would like to thank Mrs Blythe and Mrs Spedding for accompanying them to Caythorpe.