Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of parents, staff and members of our community. It’s main responsibilities are to determine the aims and overall running of the school, with a view to promoting high standards of educational attainment. This is best achieved as a partnership between the children, parents/carers and the entire school team.  The Trustees are actively involved in the strategic development and financial management of the school, as required by law. However, we also see ourselves as mentors and friends to the school community.

The Trustees usually meet termly as do our committees – Finance and Audit, Buildings and Health and Safety, Curriculum and Personnel, ad hoc committees and working parties are also formed as necessary to look at particular issues that may arise. Each Trustee is linked to a school year group.

Click here for Harlington and Sundon Academy Trust documents.

The Trustees can be contacted via the school click here for contact details.

Board of Trustees    
Mrs J Rayner Chairperson  
Fr Y Smejkal Vice Chairperson  
Mr S Whalley Vice Chairperson  
Mrs C White    
Mrs T Edmonds    
Mrs S Horobin    
Mr R Homan    
Mr I Milloy    
Ms P Ryall    
Mrs R Azim    
Mrs A George    
Mrs S Sproule Company Secretary  

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  1. Board of Trustees Report July 2017