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Statutory Information

From September 2012 regulations no longer require schools to publish a paper prospectus. Instead, schools will be required to publish key information online.

The following pieces of information are what we are required to provide. Please click on the links for further information.

  1. The name, postal address and telephone number of the school, and the name of a person to whom enquiries should be addressed. Click here.
  2. Admissions arrangements. Click here
  3. Most recent OFSTED report. Click here
  4. Key stage 2 results - As a Lower School this information does not apply.
  5. Key stage 4 results - As a Lower School this information does not apply.
  6. The School Performance Tables, published by the Secretary of State on the Department for Education’s website. Click Here.
  7.  Details of our curriculum, including phonics and reading schemes.   Click here
    More information can be found in the termly newsletters available on individual class pages. Click here
  8. The Safeguarding Children Policy with information on the Designated Teacher with responsibility for safeguarding and the procedures we follow in order to keep children safe. See document below.
  9. SEND whole school provision map, see documents below.
  10. The Schools Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) policy, see document below.
  11. The SEND Information Report, see documents below.
  12. The amount of Pupil Premium received by the school, how it was spent and the effect of the Pupil Premium grant on attainment levels.  See documents below.
  13. Coronavirus (COVID-19) curriculum catch up premium 2020-2021. See document below.
  14. The amount of Sports Premium Grant Expenditure received by the school, how it will be spent and reviewed. See documents below.
  15. The Harlington and Sundon Academy Trust (HASAT), Audited Accounts.  Click here for academy documents.
  16. The HASAT Strategic Plan 2016-2021. Click here for academy documents.
  17. The HASAT School Development Plan 5 year overview.  Click Here.
  18. A statement of the school’s ethos and values. Click Here
  19. The school's Accessibility Policy, see documents below.
  20. The school's Anti-Bullying Policy, see documents below.
  21. The school's Attendance Policy, see documents below.
  22. The schools Behaviour Policy, see documents below.
  23. The school’s Charging and Remissions Policy, see documents below.
  24. The school's Complaints Policy, see documents below.
  25. Confidential Reporting Whistle-blowing Policy HASAT, see documents below.
  26. Equality Duty, see documents below.
  27. The school's Equality Information and Objectives Statement, see document below.
  28. The school's Equal Opportunity policy, see documents below.
  29. The school's Managing Abusive Parents/Carers/Visitors Policy, see document below.
  30. The school's Privacy Notice, see documents below.
  31. Pupil Privacy Notice, see documents below.
  32. The school's Relationships, Sex Education and Health Education Policy, see document below.

If you require any further guidance on any part of this information we would be happy to help you.