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Children may start in the Nursery Unit from 2 years 9 months as Fee Payers until the term after they are 3 when they beocme eligible for 15 hours per week Govement funding.  We also have three intakes a year January, April and September.

Nursery Unit Fees
Morning session 8.50 - 12.00 £12.50
PM session 1.00 - 3.15 £11.50
Lunch session 12.00 - 1.00 £3.00
Caterlink School Dinner £2.18

Children will experience a wide range of activities, and learn to interact with their peers in a happy, relaxed and secure environment.  They may attend on a sessional basis, either mornings, afternoons or full days.
In Nursery, play is valued as a key way in which children learn.  They are encouraged to initiate their own play and pursue their own interests.

The teachers work closely with the children to support and extend their learning and to help them  reach their full potential. Children are provided with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities such as dressing up, playing in the sand tray or learning to write their name, to extend fine and gross motor skills.Through regular “circle times”, children are given the opportunities to share and discuss their thoughts and opinions, both linked to our topics or to their home life. 

During this time they are encouraged to listen to each other and take turns whilst speaking.  These are seen as important social skills which they will continue to develop throughout their time at Sundon Lower School.

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If you would like anymore details about our Nursery unit  please contact the school office.