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Science Week

Please see photo gallery for pictures

The children have had a great time this week carrying out an array of scientific experiments and investigations. These have ranged from cleaning dirty water to making paint out of natural materials, herd immunity jenga and also designing Robo-bugs too.

The children have shared their thoughts...

"I made dirty water into clean water" - Haajer

"I liked the wax crayon one (experiment) and how the wax melted" – Jason

“What was very interesting was when we made our own paint, oils, daisy’s and grass” – Lydia & Nyle

"I enjoy Science because we cannot predict everything that is going to happen." - Jemima

"I enjoyed Science Week because you don't know what is going to happen. You have to say what you think is going to happen." - Teddy

"I enjoyed Science Week because we got to do different experiments." - Aiden '