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Pupil Voice

At Sundon Lower School we believe that our children are the most important people in the school and we endeavour to ensure that all our children have opportunities to share their thoughts and opinions and to influence decision making in the school. This informs future practice and areas that we can strengthen further.

We encourage the children to regularly share their opinions in informal ways: in class and by speaking to Miss Paulding.

We also collect pupil voice in more formal ways, such as through senior and middle leaders carrying out pupil conferencing and through our school council. [Link to school council page]

We use pupil questionnaires as another way of collecting pupil voice.

Pupil Voice Survey Autumn 2022

We would like to share some of the results with you and below you will see how children answered some of the questions.

Are you happy in school? 87% said always or mostly. The remaining 13% said sometimes. Follow up circle times identified that children sometimes feel sad for no reason or when they don’t like something.

Do you feel safe in school? 100% of children said always or mostly.

Are your lessons fun and interesting? 87% said always or mostly. 13% said sometimes.

Is there an adult you would go to if you were worried at school? 95% said yes. The 5% who said no were adamant that they did not need to speak to someone because they were not worried. However, with follow up lessons they have shown that they know who to go to if they are worried.